Don`t Listen To The Internet Gurus

You`ve probably seen them in online advertisement.
The 21 year olds that drive a Lamborghini and work from a laptop at the beach.
Teaching you the «secret» to making money online. Mentioning «passive income» in every other sentence. Selling a dream without having achieved the dream themselves.
The main theme in their advertisement is how easy it is to make money with their method.
Would you sell a course if you were a millionaire with a successful company?

Off course you wouldn’t.
Successful entrepreneurs and investors don`t spend time on selling courses. They focus on builiding their own companies and/or portfolios.

Most of the internet gurus earning money by teaching how to achieve success in business and investing, aren’t that successful in either of these. They’ve created a facade to make you believe that they know how to. Don`t listen to their lies.
Listen to the real pioneers of business.
Ray Dalio, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Edward Thorp, Peter Lynch and others that have walked the walk.
Those that talk about what they`ve learned through decades as succesful business owners. People that don`t really need the extra money from selling books.
Even read books written by those that aren`t with us anymore.
Entrepreneurship and investing are skills learned through years of persistence, by having skin in the game.

Know how to find the right books to read and podcasts to listen to. What has the creator of this content achieved in the real world of business? Google their names. If possible, find financial statements for their companies online.
There is a lot of quality business content out there, but also many of those 20-something year olds faking success to sell courses. Instructional videos on skills related to building income streams online can be found for free at YouTube, but be selective with who you listen to.
Personally I find content by Davie Fogarty (founder of the Oodie) and the Tropical MBA podcast to be quite useful.


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