The Banker

So, here I am, working in a bank (for a while). Seeing rat racers all around me. A diary from the rat race. More convinced than ever that spending 40 to 50 years of one’s life building someone else’s company is such a waste of time. Never been more eager to escape the rat race. Focusing daily on succeeding with my business and investments, so that some day, I will be able to escape. Receving that good old paycheck to cover monthly expenses, and moonlighting building businesses. The grind.

Every day I see these bankers, hearing them talk about stuff they wanna buy, how they’re going to improve their house soon or the one week vacation abroad they look forward to in the summer. Six months from now, they finally have a vacation. Living the dream.

Commuting, doing monotonous tasks, sitting at a computer all day, attending boring meetings. Every day. Except for the weekends. «Finally Friday bro, what are you going to do during the weekend bro?». And then every Monday asking «what did you do during the weekend bro?».

I worked on my business so that I will able to escape this rat race as soon as possible, that’s what I did. So that I won’t end up like you as The Fat Man In The BMW Convertible.


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