Society Trap

Think about it:

Why do people tend to have almost the same approach towards work as they had in the 1950s?

We’re living in the 21st century now, and we have different opportunities than they knew back then, yet most people tend to have a similar work-life balance to what they used to have.

Does sacrificing time with your friends and family, working 40-hour weeks or more, commuting almost every day to work, working for someone else on their terms, not having time to exercise enough because of work, being controlled by a boss or a company, having 5 weeks of vacation each year (and working 47 weeks), working with something that you’re not really passionate about, showing up to the same office/building almost every day, not being able to choose who you’re working with, waking up to an alarm on almost a daily basis, having to think about and prepare for work during your spare time, working for a wage that just covers basic expenses, potentially sacrificing your health due to stress, lack of sleep, and/or developing musculoskeletal problems because of working too much on similar tasks, sound like a good deal to you? Many spend 40 to 50 years of their lives living like this, until they retire old and worn out.

Then what?
Eventually being free (for a while), but with a huge uncertainty that your health is still at a decent level, and with a high probability that you will get bored after a few weeks into retirement because you are so used to being told by others what to do at the job that you had.

Is this the optimal way to live your life?
Did you ever question why you were taught to live like this?
What exactly are you doing it for, other than for money or trying to climb an ‘imaginary ladder’?

What’s the point of earning a lot of money, if you don’t have the freedom to enjoy your time anyway?

Times have changed, you don’t have to treat the way they used to live life in the 50’s like it’s a golden standard any more.

What used to provide a safe and stable income isn’t even that safe anymore because of the growth of automation, outsourcing, the amount of people getting a higher education is increasing and that the number of jobs available in many industries are decreasing.

It’s a dead-end.
It’s a trap, and if you don’t realize this now, you might spend almost your entire life in that trap.
If you disagree, then read the book Unscripted by MJ DeMarco.
It might change your view on things.

You might also realize this when you’re too old to change how you spend the majority of your life.
How you spend your prime health years, from age 18 to around age 60.

Your time is very limited, and it’s not even sure that you’ll make it until retirement at 65, so don’t spend most of your life doing something you dislike just for paychecks.

You don’t need to have a regular career.
You don’t need to climb the ‘imaginary ladder’.
When you’re old, almost no one will care about the career you had anyway.

There are better opportunities out there.
There are better ways to make an income. Find them.

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