Introduction and Disclaimer

Welcome to the blog!

This blog was created in 2018 to express my thoughts on the regular career paths that so many people end up finding themselves in as adults, also referred to as the «rat race».

In this blog I will adress certain topics like what the rat race is all about, why it might not be the best way to spend your life, how to eventually escape and my own experiences from the rat race. It also serves as a log for writing down thoughts during my grind of transitioning from an employee to an independent entrepreneur.

In my twenties I started understanding how most people are trained to become a part of the working world since they are kids, and I started accumulating knowledge about this. I also started gathering a lot of information about the rat race and why people were quitting it. This information was gathered mainly through books and podcasts.

I firmly believe that self-education is essential for personal development, and to achieve the best life possible for yourself and those around you. It is said that knowledge is power. This is true in some ways, if it is specialized knowledge within certain topics.
The problem is though, that the knowledge we`re taught (and tested) in since primary school up until we recieve a degree from a college or university, often has limited relevance to life as an adult. Memorizing general knowledge simply won`t prepare the individual for the real world outside schools.

However there are differences between school systems in countries worldwide, a lot of the knowledge we`re taught in school in general is quite unuseful and can simply be found through Google in the 21st century.
Basic knowledge like reading, writing, mathematics, learning a second language, P.E. and some history is necessary to acquire, but we don`t need 13 years of schooling to learn this.
What kind of knowledge do you think would`ve been more beneficial to teach kids to better prepare them for being an adult?
Which subjects should`ve been taught since an early age to build the foundation for a best life possible?
Why doesn`t schools teach us this knowledge?

Individuals are pushed into the school system involuntarily as kids, because «that`s just how it is», without not much questioning from the parents about if this system will create the most optimal life possible for the kids in the future or not.
Unfortunately, instead of creating great lives full of creativity for each of the individuals, many end up with severe problems caused by being in this system that focuses on acquiring a lot of unuseful knowledge and being tested in it.
Problems occur when you try to fit a lot of different individuals with unique qualities into a simliar box.

The goal of the school system is that when students reach the highest level of the system and graduate, they`re ready to become a part of the rat race. Often students have to graduate indebted.
The plan is then to spend 40-50 years in this job trajectory, before retiring around age 65.
An essential question to ask before putting most of your limited time on this earth into the rat race is: is this the most optimal way to spend your life?
Is spending 40-50 years of your life working for someone else on their terms worth it?

Hopefully, when you`ve read through the posts in this blog, you will make up your own opinion on if you should join the rat race or if you should find other ways to spend most of your life.


This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

The content in this blog is not by any means financial advice. Most of the posts on this website is based on my own personal opinions.

If you want financial advice, you should seek guidance from a financial counselor.


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