Why you should Escape the Rat Race

Let’s say you don’t think the standard menu of career paths look appealing, you don’t want to spend 30-40 years of your life being controlled by someone else working on their terms, you think commuting almost every day is a total waste of time, you don’t want to sacrifice most of your prime health years doing things you’re not passionate about, you don’t want to potentially sacrifice your health working for a company/institution and you think 5 weeks of vacation each year (out of 52 weeks in a year) is far from enough. You basically don’t think any of the standard career paths lead to a great and fulfilling life lived. One of your main goals in life is happiness for yourself and the people you sorround yourself with.

How should you then spend your life?

Since we all need money to put food on the table, get some clothes and a roof over our heads, we need one or more ways to make an income.

The essential message here, is that often the way or ways you make an income requires so much of your time and attention, that if you do it the wrong way, your life can become pretty miserable. On the other hand, if you find better ways to make an income, your life can become great.

Some people like their jobs, and wouldn’t exchange their job for anything else. That is totally fine, and if they are truly happy with their jobs, then there is no need to find another way to spend life.

On the other hand, many middle-class people around the world are not truly happy with their careers. They simply stay in their jobs to be able to pay the bills. This can cause problems like depression, burnout, musculoskeletal problems, divorces, overconsumtion, overeating, anxiety, alcoholism and severe health problems long term.

This is why people that are not truly happy and satisfied with their jobs, should aim to escape the rat race.

There are several ways you can escape the rat race, and some of them will be listed in the next post.

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