Retirement at 67?

The way I see it, the concept of working until you’re 67 and then retire, is a trap.

Who came up with the concept of working around 47 weeks each year (out of 52), and doing that for 30-50 years of your life?

Let’s say you’ve graduated from college at age 22. Then you get a job in the field of your education, and you work in that field until you’re 67 years old. By that time you’ve worked 45 years, and can then retire. The average life expectancy in the U.S. is around 79 years. You’ve then got 12 years to live life to the fullest.
The problem is though, by then you’re old and most likely quite worn-out.

You don’t have the energy that you used to have, you’re not that attractive as you used to be and you might even have quite severe health problems.
How can you live life to the fullest then?

The truth is, society has designed a life path that benefits the economy of the society and capitalists, and not you as an individual.

If you follow this path as most people do, you will eventually get screwed over. Working hard for 45 years, and eventually being able to retire at 67?
The retirement age might even get extended to 70 or more years of age (

Sounds like a pretty bad deal, and a terrible way to invest the limited amount of time you have on this earth. There is no certainty that you’ll get reborn or go to heaven, as some religions assume. For all we know, you might just end up dead in a casket, and that’s it. No more chances, this was your shot, and you spent it working almost your entire life, without taking time to really live more?

Don’t you think there has got to be better options than this?



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