Better Options

I came back from to my hometown after 10 weeks of traveling,
Now I had to get back to my previous jobs, which I didn`t like at all.
I had to work with all the people that were caught up in meaningless problems at these meaningless jobs, and were working really hard just to earn small amounts of money so that they could pay their bills. It seemed like a trap.
What is the point of doing something that you don`t enjoy for almost 40 hours a week?

I knew that there had to be better options than this.
The idea of making money online while I was traveling was still there.

What about trying to make money from online poker, like my friend did?
I gave it a shot, and deposited 100 dollars to my online account for poker playing.
I had played poker quite many times before, so I wasn`t unexperienced, and had confidence that I would do well.

It didn`t take me long to understand that poker as a source of income was too unstable. Too unpredictable. Somehow dependent on skills, but also a lot on luck.
I was doing well for a while, but ended up losing almost the full 100 dollars after a few weeks. Lesson learned, and I was glad I only risked a small amount of money with this «experiment».
It seemed like too much stress and uncertainty with this type of income while traveling.
A few years later I heard from others that even my friend, the poker player, were struggling financially. Among many other online gamblers.

So what could the better options be?
A more stable source of income, which would lead to less stress when traveling.
Preferably many sources of online income.
They say that the average millionaire has 7 sources of income.
This doesn`t mean that the average millionaire has 7 different jobs that he/she is juggling between every week.
The average millionaire has many passive sources of income, and some active.

You sure don`t have to be a millionaire to travel the world while making an income online, but the better your personal economy is, the less stress and the more you can be able to focus on enjoying your time traveling.

I asked myself:
If I know that having around 7 sources of income should be one of my main goals, which sources of income should I then try to create long term?
We`ll get back to this question later.



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