Where It All Started

I was in my early twenties.
Had moved from Norway to study at a college in the Netherlands.
I studied hard and went on a trip to Asia before the first study-year was done.
Before I started traveling though, I watched a lot of videos on Youtube from Joe Rogan, Ellliot Hulse and Alan Watts.
Two specific videos made me a huge impression, and made me start rethink everything on how to live life.
These two videos were Whats Your Passion? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfptYDoxtNM)
and Society Trap from the Joe Rogan Experience (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvfy5Enz6-c).
This also led me to one specific video: How To Escape The Rat Race by Elliot Hulse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf3R3yzEn94).
I was hooked on the thought on following my passion and the freedom you have when someone else is not controlling the way you live your life.

I started traveling to Asia, still having in mind what these people had said in the videos.
I met my four friends in Thailand, and later on we went to Vietnam. We had a great time, and felt like we lived life to the fullest.
We spent approximately three weeks traveling, and didn`t want it to end.
But we had to go back to our regular lives, because of commitments like studying and work.
One friend continued staying in Asia. He was a full-time online poker player.
While we went back to the commitments, he was able to stay there for another month, renting a house and got to know many interesting people.
After that he traveled to another country in Europe, and stayed there for a few months.
I was kinda jealous.

I went back to all the stress and hard work of studying at college.
I instantly felt trapped by someone else telling me what to do and how to spend my time.
The freedom I felt during my time traveling was something I needed to experience again.
I eventually passed all the exams for the first year, and then decided to take a year off to work and travel.

During the first half year off I had two jobs; one as a waiter at a hotel and another job as a factory worker.
Me, amongst so many else, were there just to make money. I managed to save up some funds for traveling again, and this time I went on a 10-week trip to Asia. Parts of the trip I was traveling with friends, some parts alone.
I was having a great time again, but kept spending on new experiences almost every day while I was there. No income at all, only spending of my hard-earned money from previous jobs.
That was when I again started thinking about what my friend the poker player had done; making money online while traveling.



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